Advantage of Gambling Online

Gambling Online

One advantage of gambling online compared to gambling at a real casino is that when playing online in the comfort of your own home, such as can be found at, you have far more time at your disposal to think about your bet. At a real live casino there is always so much activity and pressure that you feel obliged to act quickly and without time to truly consider the wisdom of your actions.

However, given that playing online gives you more time for rational thought, in order to make use of it you need to think rationally. Perhaps you do, which is great, but many people do not. Here is a little test to check out your rational thought processes.

In front of you are four special cards which have a picture on one side and a number on the other. You see A, J, 5, 9. Now you are allowed to turn over the minimum number of cards to prove the following statement: “Cards that have an A on one side have a 9 on the other side”.

Which did you choose?

Did you pick the A and the 9? If you did then that is the wrong choice, though it is the one that most people make. In fact when a group of students was given this test 75% of them picked the A and the 9.

The reason that people make this choice is that if the A had a 9 on one side and the 9 had an A on one side, then they would say the rule was proven. But although the rule specifies that A cards have a 9 on the other side, it does NOT specify anything about cards that have a 9.

The only thing that you can prove about the rule is that it is false and the only way you can do that is to turn over the A. If is did not have a 9, then the rule would be false.

Understanding the way of thinking that led you to choose the A and the 9 and overcoming it (psychologists call it the confirmation of bias) is very important especially when it comes to games of skill such as blackjack and poker.

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