Bingo Lingo

When you start playing bingo online you might also discover all the fun with the social chat room. But to follow the socializing, the chat games and all that fun that happens in the chat it can be good to be familiar with some abbreviations, gestures and emotions for online bingo.

(((name))) Hugs.
😉 Wink
🙂 smile
😀 Laugh
1tg, 2tg… etc. Shows how many numbers the player has before she or he has bingo.
afk. Away from keyboard.
bbl. Be back later.
bbs. Be back soon.
brb. Be right back. Is commonly used when a player needs to leave for a minute. Maybe grabbing a cup of coffee or answering the phone.
btw. By the way.
faq. Frequently asked questions. Often listed on the website.
fyi. For your info.
gg. Good game. To wish another player good luck.
gj. Good job.
gl. Good luck.
gtg. Got to go.
ic. I see.
irl. In real life.
kit. Keep in touch.
l8r. Later.
lol. Laugh out loud. Since no one can hear your tone of voice or laugh, this shows something is funny.
nn. Nighty night. Good night.
np. No problem.
pls. Please. Also a wish for luck. Usually combined with the number, like 2 pls.
ppl. People.
ttyl. Talk to you later. Can be used after brb, and means the player will talk to you later. Maybe at the next game.
wb. Welcome back.
wtg. Way to go. When a winner is called the chats usually pour with wtg:s from the other players cheering on the winner.
ysr. Yeah… sure… right..

Now you know the most common used bingo chat abbreviations so have fun and GL with the Bingo Lingo! 😉