Blackjack basic strategy

Blackjack is one of the most popular table games out there. The thing about blackjack is that the house has a definite advantage. However, if you can mathematically give yourself an edge over the table, than you have a much better chance of winning. It is not so hard, actually, to employ some simple math when playing blackjack, and these common sense strategies can keep you from walking into a really messy loss.

The first thing to keep in mind about blackjack is that there are usually 4 to 8 decks of cards being used, so rather than keep track of which cards you might get based on what has already been played, you need to base your odds on probability and percentages.  So, instead of saying, “there have been three aces, so the odds are good that my next card will not be an ace…” you need to instead say… “ok, the odds are 4 out of 52 that I will get the ace I need…” even if there have already been four aces.

There are some good strategies out there that you should probably look over. For instance, if you have eight or less, you should always hit. Or, if you have nine, than double if the dealer has three through 6… Otherwise, you should hit. Also, if you have ten, than double if the dealer has two through nine, but otherwise hit. If you have eleven, than double if the dealer has two through ten. Hit if the dealer has an ace. You see, all of these common sense strategies are based on percentages and probabilities. If you gamble, you will lose. But if you play the math, than you can actually win. Or, at least you can eliminate the extreme losses!

Here is a plan that you can follow:

BlackJack strategy

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  1. I`m interested there`s a lot of articles on casino gambling. There are different methods, tactics, strategies, algorithms of counting, calculations and so on.
    But these items are only heap of ads and i don`t want to analyze them `cause i don`t have any basic knowledge. It`s ineffective. Estimation i think will be wrong.
    Is there anyone here who is attracted in such topic?
    I`d appreciate someone`s explaining to me is there any systems or strategies, what are they (what approaches or concepts lay in basis) and in which casinos could they be applied to?
    Thanx a lot.

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