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Chess is a classic game of strategy. The board, your battlefield. Your pieces? Well, they are the army at your disposal. And you? Well, you are the leader. Your challenge? To use what you have at your disposal to strategically defeat your enemy. It is really quite simple, but in a more complicated way than you can possibly imagine (unless you have been playing for many years…). However, there are some things to remember about chess, and perhaps these strategies can help you better learn how to play the game effectively and victoriously.

First off, be careful about moving your queen out too early. Unless you know exactly what you are going to do with it, and unless you know that it will be absolutely safe, don’t engage with your queen. The chances of losing your queen increase dramatically once it is out in the open, and your odds of winning decrease rapidly when your queen gets captured. Also, don’t forget to utilize your knights. Did you know that knights are often used to set traps? They are effective in this way because of their erratic style of movement.

It is more difficult to see pending danger from a knight unless your opponent is a more seasoned veteran who has learned to watch for it. Also, don’t underestimate your pawns. They might be slow, tiny, and seemingly worthless, but they can help to barricade your enemies pieces in, thus rendering them useless. Use your pawns to  support your bigger pieces, and also use them to threaten the big pieces on your opponents side while you protect them with a castle or with your queen.  This works well because your pawn is the one in pending danger, and if your castle has to move, all you are losing is a pawn. This is better than losing a castle or a rook.

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  1. You can’t learn chess just by talking or reading about chess. You need to study practical positions that occur in real games and learn certain concepts, plans and ideas from each position.

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