Home poker tournaments – shuffling and dealing

If you are hosting a home poker game, than one thing you are going to need to decide on is whether there is going to be a designated dealer like in a casino, or if the players will just take turns dealing. It can be fun to have a designated dealer, but in home poker games it is usually easier for the players to take turns dealing.

If you are going to have all of the players taking turns dealing, than make sure that all of the players understand how dealing works. Like, they should know that dealing starts to their left, they should know how many cards to give to the other players, and they should know how the game is played.

Home Poker Tournament

You can either refer to Robert’s rules for misdeals, or you can use the typical misdeal rules. The typical rules that are usually followed in home poker tournaments are that if a card is accidentally revealed by the dealer, than misdeal is called. Or, if one or more players end up with more or less cards than they were supposed to have, than misdeal is called.

You should always use two decks when playing. This way, while you are using one, the other can be reshuffled. Usually, the player to the right of the dealer will shuffle the cards. This is because the player to the immediate right of the dealer would have a harder time cheating than any of the other players. Also, the other players can cut the deck if they feel like they want to.

Make sure that whoever is dealing knows that you should put a little spin on the cards when they are dealt, as this will help keep the cards from overturning. Keep the cards low, do  not lob them through the air.