Online poker tournaments

The fame of the poker has tremendously risen to the peak as; WSOP has initiated arranging many online tournaments. These online poker tournaments are letting you win millions of dollars each month. You just need to ensure that you have registration over different websites that let you participate in the international tournaments. Different websites offer different online tournaments.

Some of these are mentioned below:

1.    World championship online poker: It happens every year and it let you play international games over satellite. You can win buy one sit from $1 to $100.

2.    World cup of poker: This international game let you represent your country. Teams of the same country play against the other country’s team players.

3.    Spring championship: This is a great event in which several tournaments take place. It let you win enormous prizes.

4.    Sit & go’s: It is the most popular online poker tournament. It allows only one or two tables to play at. As the tables are occupied, the game initiates and rest of the players have to wait for the next opportunity.

5.    Multi-table tournament: In this tournament you have to buy as much chips as possible prior to the tournament. Once you have done with those chips, you will be eliminated. It takes place over multiple tables and let many players to participate.

6.    Shootout: In shootout, you have to follow the same gaming rules as they are in sit & go and Multi-table. The only difference is that, it allows you to play with only one table at a time. The winner of each table will be reached at the next level. This will happen until the final winner is declared at last stage.

7.    Bounty: It is a tournament, in which player gets the prize amount when he knock outs the other player.

8.    Satellite: Satellite tournament proofs to be the ticket for participating in the next mega-tournament.

9.    Other major tournament: Many website most frequently arrange major poker tournaments. Some of these are:

a.    Poker Sunday: This major tournament let you win up to $1 million each Sunday. The participation cost is $215 each player.
b.    Warm up: This tournament let you win $500,000. It is also arranged once a week, depending upon different websites.
c.    Daily bigs: It is a guaranteed tournament and arranged on daily basis. The participation cost varies upon the websites and the winning prize is up to $1 million.

10.    Weekly Guaranteed: almost every poker website offer weekly tournaments for winning the huge amount of money. You can win almost hundreds and thousands of prizes in this event.

You can take part in any of the online poker tournaments and can win the huge amount. Just keep practicing and opportunities are already there