Betting Systems – Why They Do Not Work

Unfortunately for the poor souls who develop them, betting systems are really not trustworthy? Why not? Well, there are a few ways in which we can determine this to be true. First off, most betting systems that people claim are  legitimate are untested. These systems have only been tested on…

First ever ‘bingo’ wedding called off by vicar

A lucky couple who won £5,000 towards their dream wedding from playing bingo online site have had their plans turned on their heads after their disapproving vicar said he would not encourage gambling in church. Suzanne Latta and her fiancé Matt Brown won £5,000 in a competition run by Online…

Gambling review sites

There are several reasons why one would want to consult a respected gambling review site before sitting in with real money at any casino, be it real or online. Why? Well, there are several reasons… and here they are.

How to find the best rake back

Rake-back, as any poker lover knows, is a proportion of the amount that a particular player has given to the rake that gets refunded back to them. What does this mean for the poker player? Well, overall, it means more savings, cheaper poker, and more wins (since you will have…

Online Casinos

Online casinos, which are oftentimes also called internet casinos or virtual casinos, are quite similar to traditional casinos that most gamblers visit. However, online casinos can conveniently be found on the internet. Online casinos give gamblers the opportunity to play and bet on games through the World Wide Web.

Earning From Online Gambling

A prime motivation why people engage themselves in online gambling is simply the fun and excitement it brings. Life is one big gamble, they say. Hence, it may also be true vice versa, that gambling is one big life. The sheer joy of playing is an enough prize for many….

Poker And Mac

Mac users have always faced a bit of a challenge when trying to play online poker. For years, online poker software was always exclusively for PCs, with poker for Mac nowhere to be found. 

Gambling Portal

Online Casino Reports is an online gambling guide and news magazine. Here you’ll find a range of useful information and offers for the user including news, videos, guides, forums, articles, tips, games and more.

Gambling through an Online Casino

Gambling can be a very fun thing to do in your spare time. You can also win yourself some extra money doing so in the process. You can sometimes get the “big win” and make yourself fairly wealthy for the time being. Gambling through an online casino can be very…