Picking out the bluffs

When playing poker, a lot of players will try to bluff you. This is just how it goes – unless you are playing with a bunch of odds geeks from MIT Tech, you are probably going to play with people who will try to pull the wool over your eyes. A lot of times, these people are pretty good at bluffing. I mean, most people can lie without really seeming any different. However, almost NOBODY can completely conceal a bluff, and looking for it is the key to spotting it. So, in this article, we will talk about how to spot a bluff, so that next time that arrogant guy in the red hat across from you raises your bet, you can maybe know whether or not he has anything good to back it up.

First, human behavior between individuals is strikingly similar, and picking out a bluffer is a pretty straight-up process. Most people show at least the relatively same signs when they are bluffing, and while some might be able to hide it better, others are a lot more obvious.  Now, if you are serious about playing poker, then you will need to focus a lot on every player at the table. I know that you cannot focus on every single player all the time, but you should TRY to. Gather information about every player by watching them intently. Stop watching the pot, stop watching your cards, and stop staring at that ugly shirt that your opponent is wearing. Watch their faces, their mannerisms… watch what they do when they bet… watch what they do when they win… watch how they act when they lose… do they display any characteristics that could be a tell? When your opponent raised and lost, did he act differently? Did he talk a lot to his opponents to hide his anxiety? Did he scratch his neck? Did he take several drinks from his beer to appear natural? Was he any calmer when he actually did win?

Playing poker is about winning, and to win, you must be able to read your opponents. This will help you to play the odds better, and playing the odds is what wins poker games. Even if you can increase your odds by 3%, you have a better chance at walking away with the pot then your opponents do.