Playing marginal hands

There are many reasons why you should limit the number of hands you play to only the good ones. If you only play the hands that start out good, than you will probably lose less. Of  course, sometimes you have to take chances, but don’t keep throwing money in just because you are trying to make something out of nothing when you have nothing good in your hand.

If you are in a late position at the table, than you are probably in one of the best positions to play marginal hands in. You can see how many players are coming in ahead of you, and there is a better chance that you will not get raised, mostly since there are fewer players behind you than ahead of you. You can also be in a better position to take advantage of your opponents if you should happen to hit your hand.

A lot of new players make the mistake of playing every hand. This is definitely not good to do. New players are usually instructed to only play the hands that start out good, and this is actually a very effective strategy. I mean, if you only spend money on the hands that will make you money, than  you will end up probably making money instead of losing it. Also, if you are playing against tighter players, make sure to play just a little aggressive at first.

This can cause them to fold when they might have hit the flop, and can help you eliminate some people early on. And when you do get that monster hand that you have been waiting for, than you can clean house because perhaps at least one of them will have a strong enough hand to stay in with you.