Poker And Mac

Mac users have always faced a bit of a challenge when trying to play online poker. For years, online poker software was always exclusively for PCs, with poker for Mac nowhere to be found. 

The situation exacerbated through recent U.S. laws limiting the number of poker rooms that would even do business in the United States. Fortunately, things are getting better for the Mac crowd.

America Friendly Poker Rooms and Macs

Numerous poker rooms accept American players and are accessible to Mac users in one way or another. These rooms include, and

Online Poker Options for Mac Users

Mac Friendly Sites

If you want to play online poker as a Mac user, you have a few options. You can play at a Mac enabled site, where you can download and play as if you had a Windows operating system.

Fortunately, major sites like and are now Mac accessible. Simply go to the main page and locate the Mac software download button. Note that you will need an updated Mac OS in order to play FullTiltPoker on a Mac.


If your site of preference does not offer a Mac friendly download, you may be able to play “no download” poker. This online poker option allows you to play directly out of the web browser, with no download and therefore no operating system concerns.

To play no download poker, you will need to be Java enabled. Be sure to download Java before attempting to play no download online poker. Also, remember not all poker sites offer no download options.

Dual Boot

Some newer Macs contain Intel chips allowing players to run both Windows and Mac operating systems at the same time. This “dual boot” procedure should allow you to play at any online poker site, but you risk losing some files when partitioning your hard drive.

If you’re not comfortable with this option you can instead purchase PC emulator software. It allows your Mac to behave like a PC, but such programs tend to slow down your computer significantly.