Texas Holdem tips – Pre-flop strategy

Here are some things you might want to know about pre-flop strategy when playing Texas holdem. Most players don’t realize it, but a key to being successful at Texas holdem is knowing what to do before the flop. Here are some tips to think about next time you go head to head in the poker room.

Remember that there are multiple factors to consider, including number of players, your bankroll, your position, how aggressive the players at the table are, and how much you are willing to risk to win. Remember that the more people there are in a game, the more chance there is of someone else having a better hand than you. If there are ten people at the table, you remember that it is highly likely that one of them has a great hand right off the bat. So, keep this in mind.

If some player is constantly raising pre-flop, but keeps having nothing, don’t fight him. Let him take the blinds, and bide your time. When you have a great hand that matches the flop right out of the gate, you can nail him with it. Don’t waste your money trying to out-bet him, or he probably will win.

How much money do you have left? If you have only a couple dollars left, bide your time until you have a great looking hand, then go all in before the flop is up. This might get a lot of people in with you, since no much money is involved, and they might have ok hands too. On the other side, if you are leading the table, you can take bigger risks, and make those high-payout bets that you really want to make. And remember your position. People in the late position can influence the size of the pot dramatically, so keep this in mind!