Top 5 things not to do at the poker table

Here are some examples of things not to do at the poker table. We all know that the game can get stressful, and there are things that annoy us all, but here are five absolutely uncalled for things that you should never stoop to the level of a bottom feeder to do.

1. Do not reveal your cards while the game is underway. Not only is this against the rules most of the time, but it is very annoying because it can give some players an advantage. Keep what is in your hand to yourself.

2. If you folded before the flop, and then realize that your hand would actually have been amazing after seeing the flop turn, don’t yell, bang the table, reel back in your chair, or throw a fit. Actually, don’t say or do anything until the hand is over. Not only is this really annoying, but it can give some players an advantage.

3. Do not coach, criticize, or verbally abuse other players or their playing styles, even if they are no good at poker. Also, do not be cocky and act like you are the best. To be honest, nobody cares, and you will not only be embarrassing yourself, but you will be annoying other players as well.

4. Do not blame the dealer for a bad hand or bad cards. It is not the dealers fault, and throwing cards, yelling, or refusing to tip him are all unnecessary, illogical, and just prove how much of an ape you are. The dealer has no control over what you get,  and you have more control over whether you win than the dealer, who has absolutely none.

5. Do not talk about a hand if you are not in it. Giving advice is actually usually against the rules, and if it isn’t where you are playing, than it is definitely annoying to everyone, and you should stop.